Naina Singhania

Importance of Routine

Ever thought what life would be without a routine. These past 21 days was a proof to it.  There was no sense of direction,  or goal. A day that had morning newspapers, quick breakfasts is now replaced with late mornings, lazing around and hearty breakfast.  But each of us yearns to go back to the old routine.  

Routines have defined us, our lives,  our business. They have made us who we are and in its absence we feel lost.  

If these routines play such an important role,  why is it that we set it as per our convenience and not as per our health/ bodies. One of the top CEO’s once said that if only he had set a routine that prioritised his health over his business and desires, he would have still been enjoying his life like his younger self, if only..  

I see adult children coming with their parents and complaining how their parents have been following a habit harmful for them but forget that if they cant change their 40 yr old habit, how can a 60 yrs old parent change his? 

Setting a routine might not be so easy but you can take one step at a time.  Here, is how:

  • Prioritise what things would you like to cover in the day.  It could be 15 mins of self care,  exercise,  organising, planning, eating.
  • Setting up what time of the day would you like to place it.
  • To dos which you might skip can be placed first thing in the morning to ensure they are executed. 

Routines enhances your body to create something unique.  Its like you learning alphabets as a child and with routine practice you can now express your emotions and thoughts with the same alphabets. 

Setting routines can get little frustrating butbwho said life is bed of roses.  But once you have set it,  life does get easier..