Naina Singhania

Power of Consistency

Stress management,  Weight management,  Mental help. It seems humans can offer and take help for absolutely anything in this whole wide world.  But do they really are asking only for help?

I come across clients every now and then who come in with full enthusiasm to start a program only to see the energy fizzle out because they expected an overnight transformation and an easy route.  

Every goal has an Intent,  a Plan of Action and Consistency to reach to that goal.  A Health Coach or any Health professional for that matter is there only to direct and expedite the process to help you reach your goal.  The effort however, can be put into practice only and only by you.  

Remember the time when you were learning a cycle or learning a language/art. It came to you only with consistent practice. Health is really the same.  To perfect it, you need to consistently exercise correct practices to make it your way of life..

So how do you to stay Consistent to gain Health?

  1. Identifying which time of the day works best for what activity.  For eg.  some are productive maximally in the first half of the day and hence ensure they finish their workouts in the morning or some get ideas in the afternoon and hence work on creating ideas or brainstorming at that time. 
  2. If you feel like skipping a certain thing,  remind yourself why you decided to do it in the first place.  Push yourself to do it.  Think of how that certain exercise,  recreation etc made you feel. 
  3. Rome was not built in a day. Give enough time for things to materialize before giving it up.