Naina Singhania

Mind Body Disease Connection: Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the Disease of the Mind

  1. The 3 distinct properties of Cholesterol are : sluggishness, slimy and waxlike nature.

    Lets connect this phenomenon with the personality trait of a person who has high cholesterol.

    These individuals are often observed to have the following traits:
  1. They feel lethargic and lazy and hence are do not stick to the 
  2. They are emotionally sensitive and react extremely to situtation resulting in excess stress, impulsiveness and overexcitement and extreme mood swings.

So what is it that one can do to manage this state

  1. Diet: Reducing the intake of Animal Products especially if there is low activity level and getting more sunlight and Vitamin D for easy conversion of cholesterol into Hormones and Vitamin D
  2. Nispandbhava: The technique can be beneficial in composing and regulating the thoughts. Practice] it atleast once in a day.
  3. Making a Checklist: Due to the nature of procrastinating things, listing down a To-do list can be beneficial in making the day fruitful
  4. Compartmentalizing the Day: Figuring what time of the Day workks best for you can turn a fruit day into a productive fruitful day 🙂
These are few of the ways you can regulate your Cholesterol with daily practice of the above suggestions.
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