Naina Singhania

A restless mind is home to multiple thoughts. A mind under unrest can lead to a common side effect of insominia. No wonder the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is commonly used to refer to a mind that is free of worries and thoughts just like a baby without any worry.

The result of insomnia can be many but there are some sure shot ways by which one can improve the quality of sleep.

Hot Shower: Hot Shower relieve the muscles and hence has been proven to instantly relax the mind and body.
Light Dinner: A light dinner atleast 2 hours before bedtime can prevent any interference of digestion with the sleep
Preventing Stimulators: Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine stimulate the nervous system to an alert mode preventing from relaxing.
Mindful Breathing: Equal Breathing (equal counts of inhalation and exhalation) works towards relaxing the nervous system and destress. 
Screentime: The blue lights from the gadgets prevents pineal gland from producing melatonin which enhances sleep. Avoid ing the use of gadgets atleast 1.5 hrs before sleep can be effective.
Setting Sleep time: Repeating something everyday turns into a habit. By aiming to sleep on time everyday, the body will preparing itself to sleep at the same time everyday.
Diet: Dairy with nutmeg or some nuts or seeds before bedtime can be effective in inducing sleep as well.

There are multiple quick fixes in the market that does not require you to make a conscious change in your Habit. However, these quick fixes are not as everlasting as a mindful lifestyle change.