Naina Singhania

Indian Kitchen Nuskhas: Part 1

Our Grandmas will always have an answer to every problem we experience in our day to day lives. And the solution almost always comes from the kitchen. Here are few of spices that always work like a charm:

Turmeric: Cut yourself, under the weather, fractured/injured any body part or just wanting to brighten the skin up? Turmeric is the answer which is loaded with anti-oxidants that heals almost anything.

Ajwain: Antibacterial and antifungal in nature, it works towards purifying the blood, alleviating acidity/bloating/gas, indigestions, sinuses blockages, toothaches, headaches and eliminating kidney stones.

Methi Seeds: One of the famous usages is to control diabetes and treating high cholesterol  It also works towards improving the hair, skin and is used especially for various health concerns in women one of them being promoting milk in breastfeeding mothers. 

Fennel Seeds: These are known for relaxing and freshening you up. They work as a laxative, aids in reducing blood pressure,  relieves the menstrual cramps, aids and eases digestion. No wonder they are eaten post the meals.

Coriander Seeds: Water Retention due to irregularity in the routine? Add come coriander water. It acts as a diuretic by expelling excessive sodium and water from the body. Due to this diuretic property, it helps in clearing the body with excess water. These seeds also have a cooling effect and hence are perfect during a hot weather with a pinch of sugar.