Naina Singhania

Unjuicing the Fruits

Juice Fast!!
One of the most widely practiced Detox/ Weight Loss Fast is the Juice Fast. Big Brands that sell the fruit juices usually promote their products on two main points
1. no added preservatives
2. no added sugars.

However, there is one extremely important aspect that is never highlighted and that is juices with intact nutrients over added nutrients. That is because irrespective of how naturally or freshly you juice it, an integral element that is left behind in this process is the FIBRE. 
These fibres contain elements like prebiotics (food for the good bacteria in your gut). They also consist of phytonutrients (that are responsible for detoxification and have the power to repair the body at a DNA level), have anti-inflammatory and anti-cholesterol properties. The process of juicing also loses a lot of light sensitive nutrients that are absolutely important for the day to day functioning of the body. 

There are multiple fruit juicing companies that claim to preserve the nutrients of the fruits. So much so that they try to prove it by stating that the expiry of the juices is 48 hours due to zero preservatives. The juice might be fit to drink for it has no bad microbes growing in them but,  it is surely unfit for it has no nutrition left.. 

It purely comes down to whether you drink it for taste or eat it for health..