Naina Singhania

Beat Diabetes Workshop Alert !!

I see patients suffering from Diabetes day in and day out. It is absolutely shocking to hear most of the patients being fed wrong information about this condition. Infact, I had been holding educative sessions for such clients and patients so they know exactly what they are dealing with and how do they go about treating/managing it with impressive progress..

After successfully holding the workshop in February, Beat Diabetes will now continue once every month. This month we will be holding the session online on 25th April between 3 pm to 5 pm

We will be taking only 10 registrations for each workshop.

Take Away from the Workshop:
1.Counting Carbohydrates
2. Food Combining
3. Portion Sizes
4. Signs of High or Low Blood Sugar
5. Lifestyle Tweaks 
6. Managing Low Blood Sugar
7. Preparing A Wholesome Meals
8. Breathing Practices

Here is how you can register:

Step 1: 
Drop us a message “Interested in Beat Diab” on +91 99203 40148 

Step 2: 
You will receive a form and the payment details. 

Step 3: A session link will be shared with you a day in advance.