Naina Singhania

Why You Can’t Afford to Have Low Immunity!!

With constant fear around, one thing that everyone is still striving to attain is a strong immunity. Immunity literally decides the state of your body not just infections. Go on and watch the video to know how does your immunity decide it.
Apart from various superfoods and spices that are already known, here are few lifestyle tips that you should be adopting to truly attain a Strong Immunity:

1. Sleep: Lack of Sleep can add to excessive production of Stress Hormones which contribute to inflammations thus compromising on the Immunity.Getting anywhere between 7 to maximum of 9 hours can help in building entities in the body that improve Immunity System, thereby  increasing the interaction between Immune Cells and Infection incase there is any. (Consider Sleep as your Booster dose of coffee to keeps your body going and producing more immune cells)
2. Breathwork: The rate at which you breathe automatically sends a sign to your brain that it is under physical/mental stress leading to production of stress hormones. Regulating your breath can work wonders in keeping the stress in check thereby keeping aside the immune cells for real bad boys.
3. Setting up Routine: Setting up a routine helps body to stay prepared for what is coming and prevents any kind of last moment stress. 
4.Getting Sunlight: Dont consider it as just another Vitamin to build your bone. Vitamin D has tremendous effect on the respiratory system. Infact, low immunity is directly related to the Vitamin D level in your body..