Naina Singhania

Conscious Eating

How do you eat your meals?

With family,  with phones,  television,  alone, with your laptops?  Most of the people who are trying to gain health,  fitness,  follow a strict plan with x amount of calories and protein.  But there is one thing they absolutely neglect or rather choose to ignore because they dont like to sit with themselves, i.e.  Conscious Eating.

Let’s take a simple example to explain what conscious eating can do.. 

It is evening time.  A seven year old child can oversee a group of children playing outside.  He however,  has been instructed to sit and finish his pending homework before joining them. What do you think his result to his homework in hand will be?  He will probably finish it quickly with half attentiveness and rush. He would have done much better if he wasn’t in a rush..  

Coming to eating.  You probably eat the best but with half attentiveness you send a mix reaction to the body towards food.  The body thus,  is unable to absorb the maximum from the most nutritious food only because consciousness was missing.. 

How do we go about achieving this habit of conscious eating? 

Sit in silence for the first 15 minutes of your meals..  Only you and the food..  
Enjoy every morsel you chew, the air you breathe,  the fluids you drink. 

Sounds pretty deep. But you will be surprised how absolutely sure you will be to define your own portion size..