Naina Singhania

Sugar Sync Program

Sugar Sync Program

(4th May-18th May 2024)

75% of your chances to get Diabetes or any complications through Insulin Resistance or ill management of Carbs is through the Food and Lifestyle you choose.The management of Diabetes through medicines is a short lived journey without implementing right diet and mindfulness practices.

Infact how your body manages blood sugar clearly decides the state of mind, the energy, the digestion, the productivity of you every hour.. This Program is
designed to help you manage blood sugars through natural foods and practices that will be effective in maintaining your flucutuating sugars/ uncontrolled Diabetes..


Today Fasting is 120 I am feeling less fatigue today and much better after so long Thank You so much

I have been following the diet, it's been going great in terms of energy level(on last Thursday I did 108 suryanamaskar-unreal for me honestly) and have been working out-indigestion and gasuness has reduced

Today my blood sugar is 5.7 in the morning lowest in three months I forwarded your number to one of my friends who is diabetic now But I am very happy with my energy levels thank you

What can you expect after the Program is over??

What can you expect after the Program is over??

Diabetes Type 2 & Prediabetes

Who is it for:

Abdominal Obesity

Energy Crashes

Low Concentration

Frequent Infections


Insulin Resistance

Frequent Cravings

Mood Swings, Irritability

Topics the Program will cover:

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