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This was the first time I had consulted a dietitian so I was very apprehensive about what she would say or comment and I was pleasantly surprised there was no judgement by her.  Naina is extremely approachable and very clear about what her clients want to achieve. She was very realistic about the diet that I could do. She understood exactly the kind of personality I was and gave me a tailor-made diet to fit my personality and lifestyle. Because I suffer from multiple myeloma, it was essential that I lose weight but in a healthy and systematic way. She made me aware of how much I was eating, when I was eating and if I was eating the right kind of food. It has made a wonderful difference in my life. For a foodie like me, I never felt starved or hungry with her diet. Her diet tips are very practical.  I feel lighter and have lost in inches. I am glad that I met her.

Asha D'souza

Manager, CSR Times of India

Thanks to Naina for being there all along in my 4 month fat loss journey. Thanks to her constant motivation, diet plans, lifestyle tweaks, fitness goals and smart eating that I am 20 kgs lighter, from 130kgs to 110kgs, 100% more energetic and a healthy eater.

Would like to dedicate my trekfit award to her for, because of her holistic plans I was fit to complete the 7 days high altitude Himalayan trek.

Kashyap Thakkar

CEO, Rajeshwari Fincom Ltd