Naina Singhania

Mind Body Disease Connection: Hypertension

Before diving into topic of Hypertension and personality connection let’s understand what Hypertension is with a very basic example of a Water pipe.

The function of a water pipe is to transfer water from one end to another. The function of blood vessels present through out the body is similar to the pipe. These blood vessels transports blood from one end to another part of the body. 

These blood vessels have a special property of elasticity. This property is instrumental in determining the blood pressure of the body. This phenomena can be addressed as regulation/management.

Lets connect this phenomenon with the personality trait of a person who is suffering from Hypertension.

These individuals are often observed to have the following traits:
  1. They are often overwhelmed and find it difficult to manage emotions. 
  2. They also often dwell in the past due to which they are very emotional
  3. They do not forget easily and hence have a hard time letting go of situations or emotions associated with it.

So what is it that one can do to manage this state

  1. Diet: One can include lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that work towards improving the health of these blood vessels. Say no to ready made or packaged items for most of them are saturated with Sodium to lengthen their shelf life.
  2. Equal Breathing: Breath is the point of regulation of every aspect in life. By concentrating of 60-90 secs of breathing few times in a day can be very effective
  3. Anitya Bhavna: The crux of the condition is the inability to let go of things. This can be managed by this practice once a day. Sit in a quiet place and observe the sounds, around you. Listen to it and then slowly divert your attention consciously to another sound without any kind of judgement. Practice this for 5-10 mins a day everyday.
These are few of the ways you can regulate your Hypertension with daily practice of the above suggestions.
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