Naina Singhania

Mind Body Disease Connection: Diabetes

Diabetes is majorly caused by two reasons:
  1. When the pancreas in the body has stopped or reduced the production of Insulin
  2. When the body’s cells stop absorbing Insulin.
In both the above cases the glucose is not absorbed in the body leading to the shoot up in blood sugar resulting in Diabetes. The normal state of the body is that it is non, compliant with the usual functioning of the body due to which they do not accept the glucose within the cells

Lets connect this phenomenon with the personality trait of a person who is suffering from Diabetes.

These individuals are often observed to have the following traits:
  1. They don’t listen to people very easily. They have a mind of their own and like to stick to them. The families often address them as stubborn
  2. They often weigh the pros and cons of everything and always thing of the downsides. In other words they  are more of a pessimist personality.
  3. They have a very short temper and low patience level and hence easily get anxious or angry

So what is it that one can do to manage this state

  1. Diet: It is a myth that simply by cutting down simple sugar one can control Diabetes. The most important aspect to note is the Portion Size. The stomach is as big as a fist. The meals should be such that the stomach should be filled 80% for the churning and digestion of food. The rest should be balanced with cereals, pulses/dairy and vegetables. For detailed understanding you can refer to (
  2. Post Meal Walks: Apart from exercises, you can ensure that you walk after a gap of 30 minutes post your meals for 10-15 minutes to regulate the post meals sugars. 
  3. Reflection: The practice is especially useful to introspect the situations and work on them. They are beneficial especially if you are impulsive and trying to work on your anger. This technique is also useful when you try to understand the different perspectives and prevent from making same mistakes again. For the details on how to practice reflection,subscribe to the channel below and get the tips.  
These are few of the ways you can regulate your Diabetes with daily practice of the above suggestions.
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