Naina Singhania

About Naina

Naina Singhania is one of the few Registered Dietitians in India. She has been working in various fields of Nutrition for over 9 years.

She has been a nutritional consultant to hospitals, start-ups, online fitness platforms, food-companies, corporates, doctors etc. She now works from Mumbai extending her services within India and outside.

Having worked with a wide range of individuals like housewives, professional employees, entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs of reputed companies, she understands that every individual has a different lifestyle and routine and hence needs to be handled accordingly.

A firm believer in a healthy lifestyle and a yoga practitioner herself, she believes in a holistic approach towards staying fit and recommends the same. Her programmes are a balanced mix of science based nutrition, lifestyle practices, aspects of Ayurveda and common sense. Her expertise thereby, has been instrumental in reversing multiple Disease Conditions too.

She believes learning never stops and hence is constantly updating herself and the people around to Educate and Empower them.

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