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Fat Loss Program

Achieve fat loss loss through a healthy and holistic program. Learn how to eat right with correct portion sizes so that it becomes naturally ingrained into your lifestyle to see consistent results rather than experiencing a yo-yo effect when you go off the diet. The program combines diet, fitness as well as lifestyle guidelines to show a promising result.

Disease Management

Disease Management

Unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits are one of the major causes to various non- communicable diseases. Therapeutic diets and lifestyle modifications in this program will not only manage the ailment but will also work towards improving your nutritional deficiencies and side effects caused by disease and medications and improve the quality of life.

Corporate Program

Corporate Programs

Employees are the most valuable asset to any company. Corporate workshops aim to not only educate them but also offer practical solutions that can be incorporated in their day to day lives to improve their eating pattern and lifestyle.

Menu Planning

Menu Planning

Be it tweaking the recipes or making a day’s menu for your cafeteria, get your recipes and menus balanced and approved.


Women's Health

Be it pre-pregnancy, during or post-pregnancy, PCOD or Hypothyroid, Naina offers a plan for each of the cases. Suitable lifestyle modifications, diet and techniques to achieve a balanced mind and body.


Online Consultations

You do not need a health coach in the same city to enroll for the services. All you have to do is fill in an assessment form and get right on the path of achieving your health goals.