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Beat Diabetes Program

Balance blood sugar levels without compromising on the food you love!

Learn the scientific hacks to manage your blood sugars and create a solid strategy through diet and lifestyle tweaks!!

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Our Testimonial

We have helped 2000+ individuals to start their healing journey through our holistic approach and support. You don’t need to make drastic changes in your routines and lifestyle to meet your goals. We will take care of all this inside the programme. Take action now to start your healing journey!

We invite you to set aside a couple of hours to truly understand the magic that lies in the basics of food, mental state and lifestyle to transform your health!

While medication can prevent the disease from advancing further, food has the power to improve and heal it.

There is never a better investment than investing in your health!!

Do not take this as yet another miraculous program that reverses or improves your diabetes Overnight. 

It will take some serious dedication, showing up for yourself and really working on improving your lifestyle because ultimately DIABETES IS A LIFESTYLE DISORDER!

But we assure you, you will begin to see the following changes if you adhere to it

  • Improve blood sugar levels and HbA1c
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Understand food mechanics 
  • Be aware of which food best suites your body and which not
  • Lose inches
  • Prevent the side effects of the conditions due to better management
  • Improve fitness levels

ARE YOU READY to take the plunge to actually work towards your dream goal of becoming a healthy you?

Through years of experience and research, I have curated my signature program to overturn diabetic conditions and regulate blood sugar levels.

Program Inclusions:

  • An assessment session
  • 4 personalised weekly sessions with Naina
  • Meal plan customised as per your body type to improve insulin sensitivity, cut down fat and ensure a healthy gut
  • Exercises and lifestyle hacks to reduce blood sugar levels with ease
  • 4 Group yoga sessions with a Yoga Instructor
  • Get WhatsApp access, where you can get all your queries answered by Naina’s Team.
Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses:

Easy to cook 9 Diabetes-friendly recipes (Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Evening Snack 3 of each)

Blood sugar and Meal Plan tracking sheet

How to Eat while travelling

Enrol now!! and grab the Fast Action Bonuses before it expires!!

  • Complimentary follow-up session with Naina after a month of the Beat Diabetes Program
  • Special discounts on certain organic food brands.

Our Testimonial

It was wonderful experience to work with Naina on my health goals. My wife recommended Naina, having worked together for a month. It was the first time that I sought professional advice on diet. But Naina took great efforts to overcome my initial apprehensions and to understand my existing habits and work schedule. She created a customized, easy to follow nutrition plan and iterated through it based on my feedback. At times when I couldn't keep up with the plan, she was very patient and encouraging with tips and tricks to manage cravings and cheat meals. Additional benefits I experienced were feeling more active and energetic throughout the day. We continue to follow Naina's well balanced nutrition plan focusing on portion size while eating a wide variety of foods. We highly recommend Naina as it has helped us make a sustainable lifestyle change.

Ketan Shende Software Engineer

This was the first time I had consulted a dietitian so I was very apprehensive about what she would say or comment and I was pleasantly surprised there was no judgement by her. Naina is extremely approachable and very clear about what her clients want to achieve. She was very realistic about the diet that I could do. She understood exactly the kind of personality I was and gave me a tailor-made diet to fit my personality and lifestyle. Because I suffer from multiple myeloma, it was essential that I lose weight but in a healthy and systematic way. She made me aware of how much I was eating, when I was eating and if I was eating the right kind of food. It has made a wonderful difference in my life. For a foodie like me, I never felt starved or hungry with her diet. Her diet tips are very practical. I feel lighter and have lost in inches. I am glad that I met her.

Asha D'souza Manager, CSR Times of India

I wanted to lose weight and my internal weight loss came to a standstill after losing 10Kgs and stood at 90kgs for a month, which was getting very frustrating as I was trying possibly everything I knew best to lose weight and the scale was not just moving.I was very sceptical of dieticians from my past experience. However since Naina came recommended highly from a family friend I decided to try her out hesitantly. We started one month into the program and I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and patient. She was telling me to eat more !! while I was prepared to starve more !! I was already on an intermittent fasting program of 16:8. I thought to myself this is never going to work but well why not give it a shot. Surprisingly even though I was eating more the scale started dropping steadily day by day and I lost another 5 kgs in a month. She taught me the difference between muscle loss and fat loss. Taught me to be patient and not try to over do the diet but manage it in more controlled fashion. She changed my exercise routine and diet. The icing on the cake after all this , she told me just after a month you don’t need my services anymore you are doing good by yourself !! Now which professional will ever do that, once they get hold of you no one wants to let go! That’s a really rare trait you will find in today's world. A pure value for money service.I will highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to avail of her services.


I recently signed up for Naina’s True-point program as an action towards my New Year’s resolution and I am absolutely delighted with what we achieved in a short span of four weeks. I admit, I had apprehensions about the program - is it yet another diet plan that I’ll give up in a couple of days/will it be too generic and not meaningful to follow, etc. Add to all of this, attempting to work with someone in a completely different timezone! After going through the program that included weekly 1:1 with Naina (yes, Naina is very accommodating and respectful of everyone’s time), and a WhatsApp chat hotline, I’m very pleased with the experience as well as the results! Working with Naina is fun, simply because of the way she engages and coaches, provides suggestions that work and is willing to make adjustments whenever requested. At no point I felt like I was being pushed too far that I would give up or felt uncomfortable making changes to my lifestyle. We made small incremental changes every week. After completing the program, I have a better understanding of myself and also feel equipped to sustain my new lifestyle long term. It’s been a fruitful and an educational experience! I highly recommend this program to anyone that feels lost on where to even start and needs professional coaching and guidance. With all the material/programs available out there, Naina helps to filter the noise, make things easy to understand and follow.

Mustafa Khimani Software Engineer

Frustrated by repeated failures to lose weight (beyond 2-3 kgs) by way of exercise, various diet plans from dieticians and ‘Google Baba’, I had given up hope of regaining better shape. It was then that a friend introduced me to Ms Naina Singhania, who spoke to me at length to understand my eating habits, liking-disliking, cravings and aversions in addition to my general life style. She provided various diet plans at regular intervals to accommodate changes and difficulties I was experiencing. I tried to follow her directions notwithstanding temptations during festive season, weddings and parties. In three months, I lost about 10 kgs. It was unthinkable for me. The most important change that I observed was that my craving for sweets and carbonated drinks had vanished. Naina has, by her skillful guidance, exhibited her adeptness and proficiency. She remains focused on individual requirements of her clients and is always accessible for guidance. As my target had not been achieved by the time our agreement came to close, I offered to extend it till I achieved my target. However, without being greedy, Naina encouraged me to follow instructions imparted in our concluding session for maintaining weight and achieving target. Off and on I seek guidance from her which she happily gives. I wish her good luck and success.

Jagdish Chopra Mumbai (business man)

Are you ready to put in a few hours of your day implementing those changes for a month then do hop in!!