Naina Singhania

Reading Between The Lines

We all have become so conscious about health that our eyes are always diverted to the section stressing on the three macronutrients i.e carbohydrates,proteins,fats. But how many of us read beyond this. Even if we do, it is either ignored or not understood. In order to make sure that the labels most of the people read is within the range of so called ‘diet food’, the companies tend to use a lot of ingredients that we as a user or we as dieticians have never come across.

Various forms of sugar/ sweeteners like dextrose,high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, malt syrup, brown sugar etc are used to reduce the total calories or to artificially sweeten the foods, various preservatives are added to them to increase their shelf lives and palatability for a common user and to prevent its deterioration.  The common man is so unknown to the detrimental effects of the above ingredients that he has no option but to take them. The fact is, lesser the number of ingredients, better the product. It means the natural foods have been processed to the least to reach to the consumers. At the time of processing, the foods are also striped off its nutritive contents making it even less healthy.  These processed foods have become such a convenient option, that the life has become indispensable. But we also cannot forget that they are just a convenient option at the time of crisis, not something we need to incorporate in our day to day lives.

Stay as natural as you can get and continue the nutritive foods that the nature has in store for you.