Naina Singhania

Relation Between Boredom and Health

I often hear the word bored from a lot of my clients and when I relate them to their existing health,  it is easy to relate their present health with their state of boredom. 

There are majorly two reasons or times when you experience boredom

  1. When u do not enjoy what you do. It could be your existing line of work or simply a job you have in hand.
  2. When you have no special interest/hobby or are idle

Major cases of ill health / diseases / excessive weight are seen in those who do not have a preferred hobby resulting in a diverted attention to food as a source of entertainment or when they spiral them-self to endless worries or thoughts. 

Food could also be an excuse when you are binge watching or netflixing. 

The Solution? 

  1. Finding a hobby which doesn’t include spending time in front of a screen or eating. 
  2. Minding your hand and mind everytime they go close to a bowl or nearby can when you are bored.
  3. Understanding that there is a difference in being a foodie and a glutton i. e.  eating with your senses and not mindlessly.. 

That food is not the ultimate solution to every problem, it is just a reason to thrive..