Naina Singhania

State of Mind v/s Immunity

Your state of mind decides your state of body.  Food is just a medium to make it better or worse.  So don’t be surprised when a Good Health Coach replies to your query “What should I eat” with  “How do you feel? “.  

An simple example to explain is the words being used when you are in a peaceful state and an angry state.  Language is the same but the meaning changes.  Similarly healthy Food stays the same, the meaning of it in the body changes depending of the state of the mind.  

Fear, doubt, depression could be a major reason why the healthiest and best of food might not work in your favor for it causes further inflammation.  However, what would work is the calmer state of mind that helps the body to function in the best condition in spite  of the chaotic outside.  

Due to the fast paced stressful life our situations control us more than we controlling it.  To prove it, try sitting in a closed room with a timer of just 2 minutes and see how much you can control your mind.  You will be surprised that within a few seconds you will be out of that meditative state.. 

So what is it and how can you training your mind to a calm state of mind?

  1. Sit in a cross-legged or on chair with eyes closed or fixed at a point
  2. Start diverting your attention from the thoughts in your mind to your breath.  
  3. Start counting while inhaling and exhaling. 
  4. Continue this state for 2 mins and slowly extend it. At any point if you feel the thoughts are coming back, ask those thoughts to wait and go back to counting your breath

Sometimes, it is not about science. It is about common sense and the basic way of living and prioritization that decides our fate..