Naina Singhania

Consequences of Attachment with Food

I remember a patient years ago who had walked in my clinic for a Diet to manage his Diabetes.  He was not surprised because according to him, he had a terrible sweet tooth and was a big foodie.  He was however, very dissapointed that he would not get to eat what he loved and that he would have to give all of it up. 

All Religions, World Philosophies talk about spreading love but they also speak about Non-attachments. You see there is a vast difference between loving something and obsessing over it. 

That is what our relationship with food has come to.  We obsess over it so much that we forget it is meant to nourish. However, body doesn’t forget. It reminds you with discomforts, symptoms, ailments and what not, result of which is you are forced to reverse your food and lifestyle habits for years to come. 

Consequences of attachment could be harsh but we can walk the fine line of obsession and love with few mins exercises:

  1. Out of sight, out of mind. Remember how you drool over the food only when you see it? 
  2. Self conversation. Talking to yourself that you are eating to nourish and you are much stronger than this can help. Try saying “I choose to eat what nourishes me” 
  3. Visualise how a life with restricted  movement and medications would be like. 
  4. Decide in advance what you plan to eat the whole day and plan accordingly. 

Find your balance. Define your moderation.  Know what works best for you because you are special and you deserve the best.