Naina Singhania

How to Build a Strong Gut

Micro-organisms predominates this Planet and the Human Body. While some of these invisible creatures attack us bringing us down with disease, some of them exist to built up the immunity to fight these very diseases.  

The body sometimes, can act like a sieve where no matter what you eat,  the body is still nutritionally deficient. And that is because, the gut is not healthy enough to hold those nutrients or absorb them. And therefore, detox(will cover in my nect post)  and probiotics come into picture.  

There are many probiotics that are available in the market, but they only can be taken for a short period not forever.. 

There is however, one way by which we can introduce the good set of microbes in the gut and that is through fermentation. While we have been using it to prepare yogurt, idlis,  paani wadas and pickles. We can use this techniques on vegetables too just to add more variation to these good microbes.  

The technique will take you less than 10 minutes and you can continue to advantage from it for days on end.  Here is how you can grow your own gut microbe in your own house.

  1. Choose a vegetable (beetroot,  cabbage,  carrots, cauliflower, cucumber sprouts)  
  2. Chop, dice or grate the veggies 
  3. Choose a spice (garlic,  coriander,  Mustard,  jeera,  chillies)
  4. Opt for a glass jar
  5. To every 1 litre water add 2 tbsp of salt.  Adjust the ratio as per your requirement. This is the solution.
  6. Submerge the veggies and the spices in the solution such the veggies are immersed fully in it. (u can use a heavy stone or a bowl to add weight at the top so veggies are sibmerged at all times) 
  7. Cover with a muslin cloth and leave it on the kitchen counter undisturbed
  8. Check once everyday for 3-5 days to make sure there is no fungal growth 
  9. Check if it has developed a tangy taste and store it in the fridge for 10-15 days

2-3 spoons of this fermented product along with rest of the healthy foods is beneficial in boosting immunity,  strwngthening gut for digestion and retention of nutrients like B12 in your body.  

Health doesn’t have to be expensive. Immunity also doesn’t build up in a day.  It is a process..