Naina Singhania

Month: August 2020

A restless mind is home to multiple thoughts. A mind under unrest can lead to a common side effect of insominia. No wonder the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is commonly used to refer to a mind that is free of worries and thoughts just like a baby without any worry. The result of insomnia …

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Mind Body Disease Connection: Obesity

Poor Lifestyle is the culprit of Obesity today. While this statement might be partly true, the personality trait might have something to contribute too. Click on the link below to listen: Youtube link :

Mind Body Disease Connection: Asthma

Individuals suffering from Asthma: Have thoughts constantly running in their minds. However, they keep their thoughts to themselves. They don’t share or express their thought easily due to the fear of being judged.  They are unable to say no due to which they find themselves in situations where they are constantly overburdened or overwhelmed. This often builds frustration from time to time. …

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Have you always thought Fat Loss is next to impossible?
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In this guide, I will cover the points that you need to know when trying to attain fat loss.

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