Naina Singhania

Mind Body Disease Connection: Asthma

Individuals suffering from Asthma:

  1. Have thoughts constantly running in their minds. However, they keep their thoughts to themselves. They don’t share or express their thought easily due to the fear of being judged. 
  2. They are unable to say no due to which they find themselves in situations where they are constantly overburdened or overwhelmed. This often builds frustration from time to time.
  3. They are easily anxious over smallest of things and find it difficult to get over things.

All the above behaviour is distinct especially when an individual is suffering from an Asthma Attack. Due to the inability of breathing in Oxygen, they are afraid. They desperately try to gasp air which might cause a state of frustration within them.
 So what is it that one can do to manage this state

  1. Diet and Lifestyle: Magnesium rich foods have been proven to improve the easy contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the lungs. These can be found in seeds, nuts, lentils, vegetables. Vitamin D have been seen to substantially help in improving the lungs health. Hence 20 mins of Direct Sunlight in the mornings or evening is suggested.
  2. Practicing Nispandabhava: A sound aided technique which requires sitting comfortably and listening to the sounds around you. A 5-10 minutes of practice everyday can help in relaxing and stabilizing your state of mind at the time of an attack.
  3. Asanas: Practicing Backbending and stretching exercises can be beneficial in improving the posture which is often affected due to Asthma. To learn it correctly always get an experienced Yoga professional to learn the poses
  4. Jalneti: It can be effective in cleansing the airway passage. It can be conducted once in a day. Learn from a learn professional before practicing it on your own.
  5. Exhalation: Since the Lungs are unable to breathe in during the attacks, exhalation can become difficult. Since both work in a cycle, by working on the exhalation one can automatically improve the inhalation too. Ensure that the count of exhalation is 1.5 to 2 times more than the inhalation counts
  6. Practice of saying NO: This can not only lighten you up but can also give you enough time for your self.
  7. Recreation: Recreation has been proven to increase one’s happiness level drastically. Especially in this state when the mind is constantly thinking, recreation can prove to be a refreshing break to these ever running thought.
These are few of the ways you can regulate your Diabetes with daily practice of the above suggestions.
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