Naina Singhania

Why should you consider Fermenting?

The process of Fermenting our foods is being practiced in the Indian traditions since ages. Pickling, making Curd and Idli batter are just some of them.
To attain a strong gut, it is important for healthy micro-organisms (called probiotics) to thrive in the gut. While prebiotics(some of the foods that we eat feeds these probiotics, creating some of our own probiotics can be achieved through the process of fermentation. 
By incorporating fermented veggies to your regular meals, you can not only improve the quality of your gut but also also address the following issues:
  1. Inflammatory Diseases (Crohns/ Ulcerative)
  2. Digestive Issues 
  3. Diarrhea (especially after the course of Antibiotics)                                   
  4. Low Immunity
The quantity can be as less as 1 spoon in a day. However, the benefits can be everlasting.