Naina Singhania

Indian Kitchen Nuskhas: Part 2

Cinnamon: This spice works on the digestive system thereby acting upon the liver, pancreas and colon.  They work best when had with hot/warm water. 

Elaichi: One of the prominent uses of elaichi is in Pan preparations which means it works as antimicrobial/ antibacterial thereby keeping the oral health in good shape. Because of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is widely useful in relaxing the nervous system resulting in lowering of blood pressure. When coupled with milk, they help inducing sleep and improves the digestion.

Saffron: Saffron is a spice especially for the mind and hence it is often helpful during mood swings, PMS, nerve related issues. All you need is a few strands to pep you up on a dull day.

Ginger: This root is effective in cleansing your liver which is responsible for throwing out waste from the entire body thereby helping in detoxifying. It is also effective in fighting nausea and flu due to its anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is put a piece of it in your mouth the next time you are about to get car sick or if you are suffering from morning sickness during your pregnancy. Its another variant “saunth” is equally powerful during winters and is beneficial in battling cold or flu.

Cumin Seeds: Just a small tsp of these can help in fighting the concerns that result due to stress thereby aiding digestion. for eg. diabetes, IBS, high cholesterol etc. Roasted or add in the tadka, they are equally potent and powerful