Naina Singhania

Beating the Gas and Bloating

I get a lot of clients who have a secondary issue of gas, bloating which then advances to a constipation issue. They include as much of fibre, drink plenty of water, eat at frequent intervals yet have a headache or stomach ache due to discomforting gas trapped inside.

Here is 1 thing that you need to add and one food ingredient that you need to delete in order to see considerable improvement in this health issue.
 ADD GHEE/COCONUT to your diet
DELETE COFFEE from your diet

Most of the times either we start our day or disrupt the ongoing digestion with a large cup of coffee. This is equivalent to putting out the digestive fire by throwing multiple bricks into it. This reduces the digestion power resulting in the food staying undigested in the stomach leading to gas/bloating.

A low fat diet can cause the body to work harder to digest since the fat (which acts as a digesting medium) is missing. When present in the food, it works as a lubricant helps in efficient mixing of the food with the digestive juices. Adding atleast 1-2 spoons more of the usual fat intake in the diet can make all the difference. 

It goes without saying that a disciplined routine with exercise needs to accompany the above to get the best results.