Naina Singhania

Conscious Eating v/s Compulsive Eating

In this time of lockdown what we are following perfectly is “Eating frequently”. “Eating every 2 hours” that is what the dietitian says.. But in between Eating and Following,  we forget about the Body..  We listen to everyone, our minds,  the health experts,  the food lobbies,  even the tongue but not our own BODY.  

Infact the habit of eating our heart out has come to a point where we wait for a burp or a grumbling noise from the stomach for the body to tell you rather than you listening to the body..  

One of the most important aspect of being disease free is infact being conscious..  However, when we eat we are unconcious with the food because the consciousness is with the screen in front of us..  

People come to me saying they need a detox or they need a little weight loss but they also want to do it without any intent..  Imagine getting a promotion without putting any intent/hardwork at work or calling the potential clients without a business idea..  

Food without Consciousness is just like the above examples.  It goes in your body but doesn’t really nourish it..  

We all take Food as a luxury when actually it is a necessity.  A necessity to survive, to change your DNA,  to change your basic physical structure. 
Anna has the power to change yet it has the humbleness to giveup its own existence to nourish our body..  

So how to not be a Compulsive Eater:

  1. Decide if you are actually hungry or its just boredom calling for food.
  2. Whenever you are surrounded with food,  instead of thinking it is your favourite food, check with your body if it really wants it. 
  3. If the food you are eating is to please someone or to nourish your body.

Being Conscious brings with it Joy, better Life and a Diseasefree body. Body has always healed itself but it is time for you to take a step to heal the body consciously.