Naina Singhania

Tips to fight Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones have a major role to play in usual working of your body..

However, every second adult in the world is suffering from atleast one of the Hormonal conditions i.e Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOS, Cholesterol to name a few. 

Most of the times the side effect is weight gain. This results in almost everyone suffering cutting down on calories and overworking themselves in the hope that negative Calorie balance will lead to weight loss.

One of the top things that one does is going on low fat or substituting natural fats with low fat items. But then the fact of the matter is we restrict the very item that is the basic composition of the hormones. 

So here are 5 tips that you would want to follow no matter what your hormonal imbalance is:
  1. Get natural fats like coconut, peanuts, mustards, seeds, nuts, ghee in your diet instead of oils, cheese, butter and low fat “healthy packaged items”
  2. Shift your sleep pattern from erratic to regular. And then slowly work towards sleeping early to match the circadian rhythm.
  3. Strength training 2 times a week. Instead of working out every single day, choose 4 days when you would exercise. Do not overdo your exercises either
  4. Set aside some me time in a day. Individuals with this issue often give least priority to themselves. They also belittle themselves and try to please others. Giving priority to yourself will set an example for people to respect your time and feelings too.
  5. Accept the situation, do not hold a grudge or a bitter feeling towards situations, times or people. The earlier you accept and find an alternative route to deal with problems, the faster your body will let go of the unnecessary weight