Naina Singhania

Nutrients to Sleep Better

A lot of Individuals suffer from insomnia especially post age of 40 years. One of the major reasons of waking up tired or not being able to lose weight is not getting Deep Sleep.
Infact the ancient practice of Ayurveda, for that matter our great grandfathers have been practicing this for a long time now. And that is prioritizing Health and syncing the body clock with nature.
The proverb “Early to Bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” is a blanket rule applicable for anyone and everyone. As we evolved,however, we had to unfollow these sleep cycles.

However, there are definitely few tips that you can follow inorder to get a Deep Sleep.
  • Including Foods high in Tryptophan, Magnesium and Zinc: The classic practice of feeding a glass of milk to the child before bed, or handful of nuts before sleeping is an ideal snack to increase the sleep hormones. Each of these nutrients directly or indirectly are incharge of improving the melatonin levels in the body too. Hence, it is always advisable to include hot milk, nuts or seeds just before bed.
  • A Light Meal before Retiring for the Day: The body repairs, relaxes and rejuvenates while sleeping. A heavy meal can upset that process leading to disturbed sleep. You can include a light dinner like Dal Rice, Khichadi, Oats with Milk or Eggs with some Rice/Roti to keep you full and aid in easy digestion.
  • Getting Rid of the Blue Light: The Melatonin Hormone that is responsible to induce sleep is very sensitive to blue light. This light comes from anykind of screens like tablets, mobile phones, tv screens. Ideal will be to refrain using them atleast an hr before bed or use screens that filter these blue lights. Also, set your curtain of the room in such a way, that the light of the day is what wakes you and not the alarm system.
  •  Preparing to Relax: A hot bath, some chanting or meditation with soft music can really help your body relax. A hot cup of chamomile tea or a diffuser with the lemongrass or lavender extracts can be helpful too.

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