Naina Singhania

Powerhouse of Iron

So much of the current online health content is filled with Western Research that as Indians we don’t even recognise the richness of our own Indian Food Ingredients. Because of such vast marketing of the exotic products, the local ones are nowhere in demand. So lets make some of them famous by knowing how they can benefit us. 

Garden Cress Seeds (Halim) is one such underestimated/ignorant ingredient.  Let me go ahead and enlist few of the many benefits of this powerhouse:

  1. Iron rich: One of the richest source of Iron, it is often given to lactating mothers too. Have them as ladoos or soak them in milk at bedtime. 
  2. Protein Rich: These are extremely high in protein and hence improves the Iron absorption. Due to rich protein content, they are beneficial in muscles building and fat loss.
  3. Food for your Hair: Due to the high vitamin and mineral content, they supplement your hair with good nutrition thereby reducing hairfall and adds lustre.
  4. Hormone Regulation: Because of the character of fat and the Fibre in them, they are extremely beneficial in various hormonal issues like Cholesterol, PCOS and Diabetes.

So how is it that you can consume them?
You can consume them in any form you like but make sure you soak them in water for a n hour or two before making anything out of it. Top 3 ways I like them:
a. Ladoos
b. Kheer
c. Sprout them

How much can you have?
You can consume 1 tsp easily on a regular basis.

Note: Always consult your Dietitian before consuming these superfoods if you are suffering from any health issues.