Naina Singhania

Is Sugar the only Culprit to Diabetes?

Every Individual suffering from Diabetes will work on the following aspect of food “Avoiding sugar completely” thinking that this alone will be effective in controlling Diabetes.

Today’s wisdom is to clear this common misconception.. Sugar alone is not the culprit. It takes more than just this small white entity to regulate your sugar levels..

The very first fact of Metabolism: Every thing you eat, in order for it to be utilized in the body, it has to convert into glucose which means no matter what you eat, chapati, rice, digestive biscuit or multigrain cereal, it will still breakdown to glucose. The question is only the speed at which the food converts into glucose. 

The Second fact of Metabolism: What is not utilized is stored as fat. This fat acts as a deterrent between the insulin and the glucose thereby increasing the blood sugar levels.

So what is it that you should be doing if you are suffering from diabetes?

1. Portion Size: Just like you keep portions in check when you are trying to lose weight, maintaining small frequent portions will assure consistent sugar levels

2. Proportion: keep a 1:1:1 ratio of cereals, pulses, vegetables in the main meals. This will ensure that protein and fibre prevent the conversion to glucose at a slower rate

3. Dont confuse the word “Healthy”: Do not get fooled when packets mention high fibre, high protein, sugar free or diet food. The company brands need a marketing point to sell a product. How else will a non-nutritious product sell?

4. Include Variety: the first thing we stop in diabetes is banana, rice, potatoes, sweets foods. However, these very foods can prove to be a boon and regulate the sugar levels better. Diabetes is caused due to nutrition deficiency, lifestyle abnormalities. Think about it. If these foods were causing harm, every diabetic would have been cured. Rather they are forced to increase the medication every few months/years.

If you do not know how to go about, get the help of a reliable, experienced Dietitian. 

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