Naina Singhania

Jay and Veeru of Food Nutrition

There are many known food combinations that make the mouth go watering. There are however, certain foods that have a super nutritional power  in the company of another food. Here are some classical duos:

1. Ajwain and pink salt: If you stay with your grandparents, you will identify this combo instantaneously. This combo is famous when you have an indigestion.
2. Black pepper and Turmeric: The next time you include Turmeric for health benefits, do not forget to add black pepper with it which increases the absorption of curcumin in turmeric by 20 times. 
3. Rice and Dal: The proteins in the two food groups complement each other thereby enhancing the protein assimilation in the body. 
4. Greens and Lemons: The Iron from the Greens are absorbed effectively in the presence of Vitamin C. 
5. Jaggery and Seeds: The jaggery when combined with seeds increases the efficacy of the nutritional quotient of the seeds immensely. No wonder they are combined with til, methi, sauth, peanuts, ghee and many more.
6. Milk and Elaichi: Go to a village or a traditional restaurant or household, they will always offer you the milk with elaichi for its property to relax your nerves.