Naina Singhania

Detox Program

The mind needs to be free from any baggage to reach greater heights. Just like the mind, the body functions in the same way, lesser the baggage (toxins), the better it functions. 
Due to extreme saturation, the body is unable to process the food and other by products leading to piling up of toxins. These Toxins in the body is a leading cause of multiple diseases, weight gains and discomforting symptoms in the body.. 
Hence, you will see a lot of elders following the fasting regimen once a week. There is one more way you can reboot your system. And that is through Detox program.

With the New Year, New Resolution, here is one such fantastic way you can reset not only physically but mentally.

Here is how this program is going to work:

Step 1: Make the payment on the below mentioned link of Rs.399/-

Step 2: Fill the Assessment Sheet that you receive on your Email Id

Step 3: Receive a Customized Detox Plan as per your Body Type the very Next Day!!

With this plan you will not only experience more energy, but will shed some toxins leading to fat loss. After all toxins have weight too!!