Naina Singhania

How to Remove Pesticides from your Food

Getting Foods free of Pesticide can be a difficult. With ever increasing population and demand, using pesticide to safeguard the crop has become necessary too. While it is not in our hands to prevent the use, there is definitely one thing that we can do and that is washing the raw foods effectively.

Foods with thick skin: Washing the food ingredients with the skin intact before they are cut or consumed is an ideal way to prevent transfer of any kind of pesticides to the knife or hands. Since they have a thick skin, the pesticide infiltration is low in comparison to the thin skinned foods.(some examples: banana, orange, pumpkin)

For thin skinned foods/ no skin at all: It will be wise to soak both these kinds of food ingredients for 15 minsin a solution of baking soda to drastically remove the pesticides. Use the proportion: 3 tsp of baking soda in a litre of water.(fruits like, apples, grapes,guavas veggies)

Note: Do not forget to rinse the ingredient thoroughly after the bicarbonate treatment to remove unwanted remains. Avoid cutting the ingredients and washing them to prevent leaching out of any nutrients.