Naina Singhania

Beat the Summer

With the scorching heat and soaring temperatures in the month of March, the end of summer seems to look like an eternity. Inorder to beat them, the two most basic aspects i.e. Food and Breath can be really helpful in making it slightly bearable. Here are a few of the Food and Diet Tips that you can follow:

  1. Water Foods: Watermelon, Muskmelon, Tadgolas, Coconut Water, Cucumbers, Sattu, Onion, Mangoes and Curd. Do not forget to soak the mangoes in water for an hour before relishing them
  2. Spices and Condiments: Coriander Seeds, Saunf, Mint, Kokum, Lemons and Sabja. Include them in the drinks to ensure a cool stomach and replenish the electrolytes lost from the Sweat.
  3. Include grains like Jowar, Rice, Moong Dal, Poha in your Diets
  4. Include 2 Large Meals, 2 light Snacks and 2 Beverages in the Day to prevent the body from getting fatigued. 
  5. Avoid deep fried foods. Since Oily foods take more energy in digesting, they make you sweat more.

And last but not the least, Breathing Techniques that will help you to reduce the body temperature:
Sheetali and Sitkari: Both these Pranayamas can be done anytime of the Day during hot temperatures.

  1. They bring the body temperatures down.
  2. They help in reducing the systolic blood pressure by as high as 10 points.
  3. They help you relax and quieten the mind.
  4. Helps you control thirst and hunger, sleep and lethargy.

Note: For People suffering from Low Blood Pressure, asthma, brochitis, chest congestion or chronic constipation should avoid practicing it.

Click on the link below to learn how to perform the two pranayamas: